“Each of Lisa’s pieces is truly a work of art.  Her mastery of creating elegant forms and beautiful glazes are not only treasures in their own right, but they add such depth and interest to their surroundings. I love watching how Lisa’s inspiration takes shape and seeing how her work evolves.”      

Chantal Lamberto, Principle, Chantal Lamberto Interior Design

“These ceramics are elegant, sophisticated and beautiful.
A lovely addition anywhere I place them in my home.
One can be a lovely jewel and
I particularly love them in groups
of 3-7, which I have used in
a bookshelf display.”

Christine Yellen

“I fell in love with Lisa’s work the first time I saw her pieces.
The clean lines, delicate shapes and the beautiful glazes are a feast for the eyes and joy for the soul.  Because no piece is like the other and Lisa is often trying new shapes and glazes I find myself 'collecting' her pieces.”

Sofia O’Hara