Facts and Questions

All of the work is handmade by me on the potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln to about 2300 degrees. By it’s very nature handmade work has organic qualities- a small warp here or there as the piece dries and then shrinks (17%) in firing can occur, movement happens. Especially as I try to make the walls of my forms thin. Measurements on all pieces are approximate down to the ¼”.

Glazes may vary with each kiln firing. The glazes I make may create effects that appear as inconsistencies, but which are commonly expected due to the nature of clay, glazes and kiln firing; bubbles, froth, fissure lines in the glaze surface, matte and glossy areas on the same piece, etc... To me all of these results make a piece unique and full of personality. Glazes seen in the photos may vary slightly in color and appearance, as each glazed piece is unique, and your particular screen setting (e.g. brightness) may result in a difference between the actual piece and it’s image online.

I do my best to photograph and write descriptions that accurately represent the individual piece.

If you’d like an additional photo or video of a particular piece before you feel comfortable purchasing, I am happy to send this to you. I can also form sets of pieces and send images showing their relationship in a group. (many of the pieces work very well in sets!)

You are responsible for the care of the pieces you purchase and I can't be held liable if damages occur from improper care or use. My work is meant to be decorative and not used with food. Though some of my glazes are food safe, I do not test all the work for dishwasher or food safety. Fingerprints or light soiling can be removed with Windex or dish soap and water. Matte glazes can stain with use of dark liquids.

Please contact me if it is your intent to use a piece with food or drinks and I can tell you if I feel it is suited. I use some mildly toxic minerals in some my glazes and though they are very unlikely to leach out of the finished work in any way, I make no guarantees on toxicity with food, (which would only ever occur with long term, constant use of a piece with a reactive ingredient).

Custom work and Special Orders
If you have something special in mind or are looking for a form or glaze not currently available on the site please contact me. I may have what you’re looking for in the studio. If you place a custom order I ask you to understand that porcelain is fussy and requires more attention than other clay bodies, making a form from start to finish requires many steps and takes several weeks. The result cannot be fully controlled or always predictable.  This being said I am always happy to discuss.

Please email me regarding wholesale orders and terms.

Green Business Standards
Lisa Fleming Ceramics strives to be a green business. Having a home studio means no commute for me. I recycle all my trimmings and unfired, failed pieces in an effort to keep my waste and consumption minimal.

Most shipping materials are recycled/re-used (including bubble wrap- which I re-use, as many times as possible, in transporting work). Your order will arrive clean and well wrapped, but the box itself and packing materials may be re-used.

If your order is a gift, and you would like a ‘new’ box please let me know.


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