Form, line, silhouette, surface.... I love getting lost in the surface!

I create all my glazes from dry materials in my studio in SF, and I enjoy experimenting. I make every piece on the pottery wheel with porcelain clay and fire in an electric kiln to 2270 degrees. I recycle my trimmings into colored porcelains, nothing goes to waste.

My work is more about form than function. My goal is to create an object that pleases my eye, that I connect with and that I hope will resonate with others.
(My pieces are decorative and not meant specifically for food, though some glazes are food safe.)

Making ceramics gives me an opportunity to channel and focus my creative energy into an object. Focusing my mind on that one object and quietly concentrating on shape, line, design, surface and color allows me to express my drive for order, beauty and form.

My background is in fine art and graphic design with a later degree in ceramics.

I am a mom of an 8 years old and she loves to be in the studio with me when possible, (I get less done at these times but it is fun, and very creative! Precious time, well spent).

The clay forms I prefer are simple yet sophisticated, elegant, spare, almost austere. I am inspired by mid-century Scandinavian ceramists. Their forms and luscious glazes enthrall my imagination.

Please reach out via email or IG if you have any questions. Follow me on IG for the latest work and highlights @lfceramics.